Driven by our desire to provide the best range of fitness-focused, nutritionally-balanced food for everyday living, The Fitness Grocer aims to be the convenience store, the ‘mama’ shop and the weekly grocery destination to the active and busy individual in Singapore. We source for products from around the globe, focusing on quality, nutrition and taste. Our mission is to make sure that active and busy people have a convenient, healthy and nutritional source of ready-to-eat food and snacks. We aim to keep working harder to lower the cost for you because healthy snacks should not cost you a bomb!

The Story

As student-athletes, we often juggle between books, training and food. Now, as busy executives maintaining an active lifestyle, we juggle between work, gym and food. The issue has always been food, as we try to eat healthy, eat smart and eat more in order to fuel and drive our training and performance. As time goes by, protein shakes grew stale, preparing 12 eggs was tedious, almonds were too dry and trying to find a healthy snack at a cafe proved harder than hitting the gym. We knew what was missing - healthy and convenient food and snacks that are specially created for active people like us. As the classic adage goes, ‘you can undo a bad workout but you cannot undo a bad diet’. We soon found plenty of alternatives in the US/Australian/UK markets but they were a premium and expensive to ship to Singapore. Thus, The Fitness Grocer was born to fill this gap.