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All about Almonds



There’s very little we can fault almonds for. Delicious nutty flavor, crunchy, versatile, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t have them regularly. Here are 5 reasons why almonds should be included in your diet.

  1. Rich in monounsaturated fat - Approximately 60% of the fat in almonds are of the monounsaturated variety, with only roughly 8% being the saturated kind, making almonds a heart-healthy food.
  2. Good source of protein - For the bodybuilder looking to get his protein fix, or for the vegan who cannot get protein from the usual sources (E.g. fish, poultry, meat, milk, eggs), almonds are a good source of protein. 30 grams of almonds (or 2 tablespoon of regular almond butter) contain about 7 grams of protein. If you are looking to bump up your protein intake even more without the extra calories or without having to scarf down another container of chicken breast, check out the P28 range of high protein nut spreads!
  3. High in fibre - Most of us do not get enough fibre. Each 30g serve (about 1 handful) contains about 4 grams of dietary fibre, which is about 15% of your daily recommended fibre intake (25-30 grams per day)
  4. Cooking/Baking - Almonds are so easy to incorporate into our diet. Here’s a short list of examples to get you started:
    • Adding a spoonful of activated cacao and almonds into your morning oats or cereal
    • Almond milk (If you’re unable to take cow’s milk for religious or personal reasons, you can make your own!)
    • Almond meal flour (leftover from making almond milk) in baking for that low-carb diet or to replace panko crumbs in your homemade tonkatsu
    • Stirring in a scoop (or two) of almond butter into your oats or porridge
  5. Weight management - A handful of almonds when you are feeling peckish will help satisfy cravings and prevent overeating as the protein and fat in almonds are less easily digested, hence promoting satiety. Each handful of almonds is only roughly 200 calories. Just remember to opt for the dry roasted variety.

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