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We hope to be able to use this space to curate and showcase articles on nutrition and health that are important to you and most importantly, compliments your active lifestyle.

The Fitness Grocer is a Singapore-based start-up that curates affordable healthy and nutritious snacks and food products from all around the world. Our motto is ‘nutritional convenience, positive snacking’ because active and busy people have little time to watch what they eat, and we strive to deliver nutritional convenience. The Fitness Grocer brings to Singapore some of the best and well–known brands like Quest Nutrition Bars, Universal Nutrition Doctor’s Carb Rite bars (protein bars), Clif Bars, Luna Bars, Lara Bars, Oatmega Bars, Perfect Fit Protein Cookie and well-loved Lenny and Larry’s range of healthier brownies and cookies. 

We also have diabetic and vegan-friendly products like IN Bar, Rude Health, Big Tree Farms raw organic cacao and the delicious and healthier tortilla chips from Way Better Snacks. We retail great-tasting high protein foodstuffs like P28 high Protein Spreads and Nuts ‘N More. 

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, professional athlete or just a regular joe watching your waistline, we have snacks and food to keep you going.


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